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The Mount Snow Grand Summit Resort i& Hotel s a Vermont lodge style hotel that combines a unique quarter-ownership with a ski-in/ski-out location and amenities of a full-service hotel – an unbeatable combination not available at any other area property at Mount Snow. Plus, as an optional member of RCI and/or Interval International, it means you can vacation anywhere around the world! The Grand Summit Resort & Hotel in Vermont has earned RCI Gold Crown Club status, the highest rating since 1997, and enjoys highly rated Select status by Interval International. Grand Summit owners receive a fully deeded property on units ranging in size from studios and 1-, 2-, 3-bedrooms to the Penthouse suite.

Grand Summit Resort & Hotel owners have access to all hotel amenities and services, even if it's not your week!

What is quarter share or interval-ownership?
Grand Summit Resort & Hotel owners own one week per month adding up to thirteen weeks per year.

How does that work?

Simply complete the owner's calendar to select weeks you will be using or placing in the rental pool, it is that simple. Every four years, your interval has two weeks over the Christmas, New Year holidays. This pushes the weeks forward so every interval has different weeks every year.

Owners have the choice of using their week (or part of it), exchanging their week through RCI and Interval International, trading their week with another owner, or placing it in the Mount Snow rental pool to earn income. Owners may also make use of the Space Available program to stay at the Grand Summit on weeks they do not own.

Included with Ownership
Grand Summit Pool and Health Club access. Open daily. Call for details and appointments: 802.464.6005.

  • Nature Spa Daily 10AM-6PM
  • Health Club- Pool Daily 9AM-9PM
  • Health Club- Fitness Center Daily 6AM-9PM

Owners Library and Lounge
As an owner you have access to two separate owners only rooms, the owner's library and the owner's lounge. Your room keys and owner access cards will grant you entry into these rooms.

Owner Lockers
Each owner is assigned to a specific locker. It is the owner's responsibility to provide a lock for it. If you are unsure what locker belongs to you, please contact owner services at MSOwnerservices@vailresorts.com

Interested? Contact us at 800.603.7669 or MSOwnerservices@vailresorts.com

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