Q) How do I enroll?
A) You may submit an enrollment application online using an e-mail form on www.rci.com or you may expedite your membership by contacting RCIs Member Services Department at 800-338-7777.

Q) What is the cost of enrollment?
A) Subscription and renewal rates are as follows:

  • 1 year = $99
  • 2 years = $179
  • 3 years = $249
  • 4 years = $296
  • 5 years = $399
  • 10 years =$698

Q) Are there other costs associated with RCI?
A) Yes. RCI charges an exchange fee when you trade your week at the Grand Summit for a week at another property. That fee is currently $219 per exchange through the Call Center and $209 per exchange through RCI.com. This fee is forfeited if the exchange is cancelled. Owners are responsible for housekeeping charges when an RCI guest stays in your unit.
*Special exchange fee rates may be offered periodically in conjunction with a promotion or unique program

Q) How do I bank a week?
A) In order to space bank a week, fax or e-mail Owner Services at the Grand Summit and let them know the week(s) you wish to bank so that a reservation can be made in the Grand Summits system. You may also indicate your RCI space banks on the owner usage calendar included in your new owner kit and mailed to owners annually. Once a reservation has been made at the Grand, you need to call RCI (800.338.7777) or log on to their web site at www.rci.com to bank the week with them.

Q) How long do I have to use the week I bank?
A) You have two years from the start date of the week. For instance, if you bank a week that begins on May 20, 2022, you have until May 20, 2024to use that credit.

Q) How far in advance can I deposit my week- and how close?
A) You can deposit from two years to 14 days before the start date of your week. The earlier you deposit, the more you maximize your Trading Power and the more opportunities you'll have for a match when you're ready to make an exchange.

Q) Do I have to bank the same weeks every year?
A) No. You have the freedom to change your calendar every year or add a week as you see fit.

Q) If I have banked a week is there a way to get it back?
A) No. Once a week has been banked with RCI it is in their inventory.

Q) What factors should I consider when space banking a week?
A) RCI assigns a trading value to your space banks based on the following:

  • Type of property - The Grand Summit Resort is a Gold Crown property, RCI's highest rating.
  • Season or time of year - RCI assigns Trading Value Points to each deposit. Your RCI rep can work with you to determine the best "Value Week" to deposit.

Typically at Mount Snow, December through March and June through August weeks offer the best trading value. September and early October are next. Shoulder Seasons such as April, May, late October, and November offer the least value.

  • Advance time of space bank - While owners have until 14 days prior to the start of their week to bank it and still receive credit, you will receive a higher trading value for the week if you bank it at least 9 months in advance of the deposited week.

Q) What is Trading Power and Point Value?
A) These are numbers reflecting seasonal demand for resorts and geographical area – the highest Trading Power is given to a holiday week during ski season. They are based on historical data about the number of exchange requests RCI receives for each resort and week. Demand for resorts and areas changes continuously.

Q) What are the best weeks to bank?
A) That is up to the individual owner. Although RCI no longer specifies weeks as Red, White and Blue, your RCI rep. will be able to work with you to maximize your trading value. Traditionally, winter and summer weeks offer the best trading value with "foliage" weeks next.

Q) Is it easy to get the properties that I request?
A) RCI availability at member resorts varies based on time of year, location, etc. The higher your trading value on your banked weeks certainly helps, as does your flexibility when planning a vacation. If you request a certain resort, on a certain island, for a specific week, those requests are often difficult to fulfill. However, if you are somewhat flexible on the destination or time, and you give RCI a few months advance notice of your request, they are usually pretty good about getting you where you want to go. For example, if you call and request the Royal Palm resort on St. Bart's for the week of May 8th, that is going to be a little tough to fulfill. However, if you request, "somewhere in the Caribbean in late April or early May," your odds just went up immensely. The more specific you are, the more difficult it is for RCI to fulfill your request. You may also put in a second or third choice when requesting your vacation from RCI.

If you have questions on RCI, please contact Owner Services at 800.603.7669.

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