How do I join? 
You can join via their website at www.intervalworld.com or call their Membership Services office at 800.843.8843. 

What is the membership cost? 

  • $89 for 1 year 
  • $178 for 2 years 
  • $227 for 3 years 
  • $356 for 5 years 

There is also an upgraded membership called “Gold Membership”, with this membership owners can bank 1 week and use it for 2 vacations, each for 2 to 6 nights. This program is called “The ShortStay Exchange Program” and must be booked online. 

The additional cost for Gold Membership is: 

  • $59 for 1 year 
  • $118 for 2 years 
  • $149 for 3 years 
  • $236 for 5 years 

Are there any other fees involved? 
Yes, II charges an exchange fee for a week traded but you do not pay the fee until your request has been fulfilled. The current fees are: 

Domestic Exchange International Exchange Short Stay Exchange (GOLD Members) 

  • $179.00 Internet $179.00 Internet Depends on # of Nights requested 
  • $189.00 Call Center $189.00 Call Center always $20 less online 
  • $59 for a guest certificate 

(Owners are also responsible for housekeeping charges when an II guest stays in your unit during a week you have banked.) 

How do I bank a week? 
Any weeks you are planning to bank should be marked on your owner usage calendar. If you have already submitted your calendar and want to bank a week you have not marked, you need to either email or fax Owner Services the week you want to bank so the reservation can be made in our reservation system. You can then call Interval at 1.800.828.8200 or bank online at www.intervalworld.com

How far in advance will II accept a deposit? 
Deposits must be received by II at least 60 days but no more that 12 months before the commencement date of the deposited week. 

Flex deposits may be made from 59 to 14 days before the commencement date of the deposited week, but any exchange requests are restricted to 59 days up until 24 hours in advance of the travel dates desired 

When I bank a week is it possible to get the week back? 
Once a week is deposited all rights to the use of the week are assigned to II and the deposited week may not be withdrawn. 

What exchange method should I use? 
Deposit First – You have the flexibility of a three year travel window. Exchange anytime from one year before to two years after the first day of your deposited week. (An early deposit will improve your opportunity for exchange confirmation). 

Request First – You can request an exchange and not bank a week until the request is fulfilled. The requested travel dates must be prior to or the same as the dates of the week being relinquished. 

How do I get a “Fair Exchange”? 
When you place an exchange request, II evaluates your deposited weeks, based on the following factors, so that the vacation accommodations you receive are comparable to what you’ve deposited. 

  • Supply & Demand - The supply of and demand for the vacation week deposited and that of being offered in exchange. The greatest demand for II guests at Mount Snow are weeks 26-43 and the lowest demand are week 14 -24 and 44 -50. Therefore banking any week between 26 -43 would greatly increase your chance of getting a prime week elsewhere but banking week 14-24 and 44-50 would only provide you a low or shoulder season at another resort. (we do not recommend you giving up one of your winter weeks to Interval International as this is a time of high rental income) 
  • Resort Quality - The quality, facilities and overall experience offered by Grand Summit as compared to the quality, facilities and overall experience of the resort being requested in exchange. 
  • Sleeping capacity - The unit type and private sleeping capacity being relinquished as compared to the unit type and private sleeping capacity being requested. 

Is there anything else I should do to get the exchanges I want? 
The best way to enhance your exchange opportunities is to place your request as early as possible and be flexible. The more flexible you are the better both exchange companies will work for you. If you request a 2 bedroom suite at Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove in St. Thomas for the week of March 20th, the chance of your request being fulfilled is low. If you request a sleep 8 suite at a location in the Caribbean some time late March or April, II will have a much greater opportunity to fulfill your request. 

Feel free to call Owner Services with any questions you have at 1.800.603.7669 (option 1), we hope you have an enjoyable exchange experience with Interval International.